Bathroom Renovations Perth
Bathroom Renovations Perth
Bathroom Renovations Perth

Choosing the Right Renovation Builders - Perth for Your Project

Hiring renovation builders in the Perth area means you should ask some questions of your own, and pay attention while they are getting together the information they need to write a quote for you. One of the first and most important tasks is taking complete, accurate measures of everything that requires replacement, placement, being moved, or is in relation to where something else is, sits, gets installed, or has to open or close. Without good measurements you truly have no idea what will fit, or work, once the renovation is underway. We have staff that does nothing but do measurements so our design team and installers know exactly what is needed, from setouts to sizes of flush pipes.  We may ask you to come to the showroom, or to meet us at suppliers to help pick out the components that go into your new bath, from a bidet to the tile and assembly suite you prefer. Our designers and installers know the quality, durability, and features of different brands and configurations, and can help with those decisions so the entire bathroom comes together and not only looks great when complete, but is functional as well. 

During the renovation, which, depending on what all needs to be done may last as little as part of a day to several weeks on-site, we will keep you informed of progress and share anything we encounter that affect the project. We make certain to contain dust by covering, draping, and partitioning off so there is as little as possible gains entry to the rest of your home. Our crews pick up daily, and when we are done, we send in a professional cleaning crew. Any removed or excess materials you can choose to keep if part of the quote, or we can arrange for recycling or disposal. Making the project go smoothly, on schedule, and on budget is important to us, because they are important to you.

Reasonably Priced, Excellent Quality Bathroom Renovation Perth

Renovations can be daunting, especially to a homeowner going through it for the first time. The number of details, the expense you always underestimate, and the time it takes all add up. It is easy to miss key parts you need to order, or entirely forget a trade that has to do their part before the next item on the list can get done and checked off.  Bathrooms and kitchens are probably the most difficult of all, due to the exacting space requirements to get everything to work together, drawers to roll out, doors to swing open, and being able to actually open the shower door all the way. Hiring a quality bathroom designer can make the entire project go much smoother and often at a lower cost than trying to be your own contractor. 

Designer Bathroom has been established in the Perth area for many years, and our team is one of the most talented, experienced groups of designers, project managers, and expert renovation installation teams in the entirety of WA. We know that having your bathroom, toilet, or ensuite torn apart for a renovation is inconvenient, and can be a mess in your home.  We work hard to minimize downtime and disturbance, and are aware that a budget is there for a reason – because you need it to be in budget.  When we sit down with you to talk about your ideas and dreams for a Perth bathroom renovation that is practical, durable, up to date and good looking, we get quite a bit of information. That way we can provide you an accurate quote for the cost of the entire job, with hopefully no surprises along the way. Our estimates are free, as is our advice about how to make the renovation go well, what will and will not work with the space you have, and we put everything in writing. 

Whether you need budget bathroom renovations Perth trusts for quality and price, or something more along the lines of a home spa or retreat, we can design nearly anything you can imagine. We will share trends, new innovations in products and materials, and things to think about that you might have missed as is a necessity, such as if you plan to age out in your home and need to make sure the renovation will accommodate that time in your life.  Flooring, lighting, tapware, basins, benchtops, even mirrors and cabinets all need to be talked about to make sure that what we design works for your lifestyle and whomever will be using the facilities. We make sure your quotation and time line are complete, right up to when the cleaners are done and your bathroom is fully functional and you can enjoy using it.

Designer Bathroom Creates Beautiful, Economical Baths, Perth

When you decide to add an ensuite, or completely remodel an outdated bathroom, there are some key points to remember about the planning, and what will occur during the renovation. Every quote we provide our clients is complete, transparent, and free of charge. At Designer Bathroom we know that renovations tend to be expensive, and you have a budget. We want to provide the most accurate estimate we can, as well as any advice our years of experience can provide, so you know exactly which components will work, what it will cost, and when it will be done. 

 Bathrooms have to be functional as well as good looking. A talented bathroom planner can help you by making suggestions for vanity and basin styles, or even a bidet arrangement or what door movement will work best for the shower. There are both practical considerations and fun ones that need to go into your design plan. Colour choices, and what coordinates with those colours in terms of fixtures, tile, flooring, paint, wallpaper, and even accessories is one of the first things we focus upon. If there are windows that require treatment, that may determine position of other items in the renovation plan. Things such as bathroom cabinets Perth residents know are greatly convenient, and can be creatively placed in parts of the room that do not interfere with access to other things.

Sinks Perth renovations use includes wall mount basins, or those that sit on, partly in, into and on, or under the benchtop. Much of the choice on a basin and even the bathroom vanities Perth planners suggest has to do with who will be using the facilities. Height and size, along with the depth of the bowl make a difference in the basin and vanity size to allow for space on the top without making a mess.  A tight fit in an ensuite will dictate the planner suggests for the most functional use. Shelving, tapware, fixtures, and even the location for the toilet paper holder are considered based on convenience, appearance, and practicality. All these choices and many more will be guided by our professional bathroom design staff to meet your needs and dreams, whether you want a traditional look, an exotic retreat, or a clean, minimalist appearance.

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We Talk Toilets, Perth

 If you are in an area home that has been built for a bit, you may well have a toilet “out back” or near the laundry. That is just how we did it for years in Australia, and still do it in many cases. Toilets come in many different models and even colors, and everyone has a preference, but there is one thing we all agree on in the Land Down Under, and that is toilets that flush!  Water conservation is extremely important to us, and having a toilet do what it is supposed to do right the first time, or just part if we hit the dual button, is important. That is why, when you need a toilet, Perth, we recommend Toto toilets. 

Leaders in quality and innovation, Toto simply does the best job, is durable, and is sustainably produced by a company that takes care of their own. We like how they think and the innovations and improvements that actually are improvements they come up with, like the Washlet smart toilet seat and lid. Instead of having to replace the entire toilet, the Washlet fits what you have for a pan and gives you automatic opening and closing, a heated seat, deodorization, and even pre-misting the pan for easier cleaning and hygiene.  At a fraction of the cost of a full smart toilet, Toto once again leads the market with a great product at a savings. If economy is important, we can help you choose a Kohler, American Standard, or other good brand.

Interesting in Doing Ensuite Renovations?

Homeowners of smaller or older homes in the Perth area are finding that adding an ensuite in a small space inside the house not only is convenient, it adds to the value of the house. Most often a toilet or bidet, shower, and vanity with basin, ensuite rooms can often be put into very small spots that were occupied by a little used closet or other stagnant space in a home. Design of an ensuite is critical, as the small footprint requires that each and every component be functional together in a small space and makes the most use of every available area. Lighting is particularly important, as often these areas have no windows and one cannot be added easily. Adding bathroom mirrors Perth recognizes as a low cost, easy way to increase light and openness in the confined area.  Designer Bathroom planners will often suggest a wall-mounted vanity, or innovating design elements like sliding doors or open shower arrangements with water impervious wall and ceiling tiling to maximize the space available. 

Since an ensuite usually requires running plumbing pipes and electricity to the new area, good quality design and project planning is important so everything is correct and done in order and on time by the trades. If you would like to add some bathroom space more convenient to the rest of the home, or so two residents can get ready for work or school at the same time, call us or send in our contact form. We will contact you and set up a time to talk about your ideas and the space you need, and can start creating that additional bath space right away.

Clean, Functional, Water Efficient Shower Heads Perth Enjoys

Nothing feels much better than a good shower at the end of a long day, or one first thing in the morning to perk you up and get you going. When your shower head starts to give out, or looks like it has seen better days, call us at Designer Bathroom. We can make suggestions for showerheads that are both low water use and provide a great shower. There are many different finishes and styles available, as well as hand held showers that make washing things down including kids and pets a great deal easier. 

If you are planning a bath renovation, our bathroom planner will work with you to see what works well in the space you have available. Some homes only have a shower, some have a shower and tub that share a four-tile flange or assemblies that send water to either, and some even have an extra shower outside. We will design a working shower that meets all your needs and pays attention to the water bill at the same time.

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Everyone Loves Great Bathtubs, Perth

There is just something pampering about having a great bathtub in your home. A place to unwind and relax, or entertainment for the kids and a few toys for a while, a great tub says “home”. Designer Bathroom knows that a good bathtub is a welcome addition to your home, and we can make it happen.

Some homes have bathtubs that have seen better days, and they are considering a replacement. If your tub is made well, and even your porcelain items, it is possible that economical bath resurfacing Perth knows lasts and is stain, acid, and rust resistant might be a good option.  Basically a reapplication of the porcelain surface, bath resurfacing can save thousands of dollars and weeks of time over having an entire renovation done of your bathroom. Much depends on the condition and original quality and materials of your fixtures, so call us and we can send an expert in this process out to look and see if your fixtures are salvageable. It is a good option for perking up old, tired tubs and toilets, basins and bidets, at a fraction of the expense of new. 

If your fixtures are not worthy of resurfacing, or if you truly want to update your bath, Designer Bathroom can create an oasis for you in your own home.  More and more we are being asked for freestanding bath in Perth, a tub that stands alone or is wall flush. A luxurious centerpiece in your bathroom design, taps can go on the tub, on the hob, or be wall or floor mounted. We specialize in designing island baths where the bathtub has tiling around to create a shelf or seat, as well as other freestanding configurations. Most freestanding tubs are acrylic, steel, or solid surface, and we would be happy to share our knowledge about the advantages of each type of material. Call us and let us create a design from your desires and dreams for a luxury bath with a freestanding tub.

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Hire the Top Bathroom Planner Australia Has – Designer Bathroom

It is important to ask around what bath renovator your friends and neighbors recommend. We are proud to say that many satisfied clients give our name first off when asked who did that beautiful bathroom or fixed  up that awful old toilet. We know that designs need to be right from the start so the project goes well and you have a well designed, functional, beautiful bathroom when done. We believe in sharing our knowledge with our customers so you can feel confident in the choices you make for fixtures, tapware, and tile. We know that Designer Bathroom offers some of the most competitive pricing in the area for bath renovations, without any cut in quality of workmanship or materials. 

We believe in providing professional service, accurate time lines, keeping clean job sites, and doing it all while keeping you informed of exactly how the project is coming along. Our tradesmen are some of the finest in WA, and little things like making sure your tiles are leveled and all surfaces are finished, including cracks and edges, is part of the normal way we do things. We want you to recognize the value and quality that go into your bathroom renovation, and we want you to tell everyone you know how happy you are with the service and work.  We are local, and we are proud to be long time Perth contractors who keep the Australian standards. Call or send in the contact form, and one of our Designer Bathroom staff will call you right back to set up a time to talk about your bath renovations. Let’s get started on your project and make a dream into your new bath reality.