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You Have Choices When Renovating Toilets, Perth

When your toilet needs to be renovated, there are a lot of decisions to make and things to know about traps, position, and flushing arrangements. If you are opting for a new smart toilet, the services of an electrician will also be needed. Renovating a toilet can be challenging, and it is easy to make an expensive mistake if you don’t know whether your flush pipes require a S, P, Skew, or floor outlet and which direction is goes off the toilet and into the piping. 

The types of toilets vary more in Australia than many places.  The varieties generally seen are most often referred to by what the cistern position involves:  Invisi (behind the wall cistern, concealed, and space saving), Wall Faced (the pan sits flush to the wall, saving space and cleaning, and creates a solid appearance), Close Coupled (the pan and cistern are joined and generally covered, giving a clean and traditional look), or Connected or Linked (the cistern joined to the pan by a plastic flush pipe, not the prettiest but certainly the most flexibility for installation of replacements).

Most toilets cannot be modified to fit into another space or flush pipe situation save the Connected fixtures. This all makes a big difference when you order new parts. Hiring a professional bathroom and toilet renovation contractor like Designer Bathroom saves the headaches of costly mistakes and lost time getting your toilet changed out and working properly. We promise we can get your toilet back up and functional much faster than you or a handyman can, and it will be done right.

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Designer Bathroom Designs For & Installs Bidet Perth and Area

A lot of thought goes into hygiene when we design a bathroom for you, and like many places, bidets in bathrooms are very popular in WA. There are many varieties of bidets out there, some rimmed, some not, some with seats, some not, and variable water inlet and outlet arrangements. Bidets can be freestanding, a combination unit, or a hand-held or seat mounted rinsing unit.  A bidet often has both hot and cold-water inlets, so proper plumbing and arrangement of valves and mixing apparatus is important for both safety and comfort of the user. We know what works well, which companies to suggest to match your design suite.

We Agree – The Best Toilet in Perth is Toto Australia

Outsiders might give us a bit of a hard time when it comes to some things here in Australia, but one thing no one can argue is the quality of our toilets. Toilets are serious business here, much due to the need to save precious water, but also, we like our toilets to flush.  No offense to any other brands, but Toto simply makes the best all around toilet of any we have tested. Dual flush mode is common here, and just catching up around the planet. A toilet designed to fully flush and not have problems constantly, well, we Australians believe in doing it right the first time, and we proudly recommend Toto toilets for a number of reasons.

 Toto has been around for over 100 years, and was an early leader in both efficiency and sustainability in toilet manufacture.  They were founded in Japan and have always been focused on efficiency, water conservation, and a durable, well-designed and engineered unit that exceeds public expectations.  They believe in taking care of their employees, and giving the public more than they asked, or had to pay for, with plumbing products that always led the pack in efficiency and quality.  Today Toto is found around the world because they simply work the best, use the least water, and are still built in plants that take care of their employees, the environment, and the public. They have numerous designs available including innovative smart toilets that do not cost a fortune. Toto has become an Australian standard for quality in plumbing fixtures. Other decent brands are Kohler and American Standard, but for a bit more, get a Toto. You won’t be disappointed and they last longer.

Is There a Smart Toilet in Your Future, Australia?

So just what is a smart toilet?  Smart toilets make your life easier, and do a lot of things for you that you might not expect. They save water and electricity, and help reduce the carbon footprint. A smart toilet may also open automatically when it senses you approaching, close by itself when you are done, and then flushes. Many smart toilets have a heated toilet seat Australia knows is a wonderful comfort at times. Often those temperatures can be controlled remotely. Many have a bidet wand, which reduces the use of toilet paper and increases your comfort and hygiene. They are especially helpful for persons with medical issues that are made worse by toilet paper. Some units even pre-mist the pan, significantly reducing cleaning requirements. Smart toilets overall reduce transmission of germs and waste, keeping you, and your toilet, healthier. 

Smart Toto toilet seats come in a number of configurations and materials, and are made to fit different sizes of people by the shape and width of the seat. Comfort is a big factor with Toto.  Smart toilets can be a bit pricey, but always on the forefront, Toto has introduced a partial system called a Washlet, basically a smart toilet seat system that fits on your existing pan. At a fraction of the cost of a full toilet replacement, you can have Designer Bathroom install a Washlet, which can come heated, with a deodorizing system, and pre-mist. Toto toilet, Australia – what will they think of next to make your toilet comfortable and environmentally sound?  There is no other company that keeps you on the cutting edge of toilet technology like Toto, especially with quality and innovations that truly are improvements. 

 When you need a toilet replacement, or one installed new, call us or send in our contact form. We will get back with you to share our knowledge about what makes a great toilet, how much the renovation will cost, and how fast we will have the inconvenience over and your new toilet ready for use. We are local in the Perth area and would enjoy telling you about great options for upgrading your toilet.