About Us

There are general contractors, there are renovators and handymen, then there are firms that specialize in creating exactly what you want and need in areas of your home that get used constantly, like the kitchen, toilet, and bathroom. It takes talent, and the ability to be intuitive and visionary in what you can “see” as a final product. It also requires great attention to detail, coupled with tremendous practical knowledge and skill to create a constantly used, variable use space that sees heavy impact, has to be durable, but needs to be just as beautiful as it is utilitarian. Bathroom renovations or designing a new bathroom or ensuite is a passion for every member of our team at Designer Bathroom. We love the challenge of what we do, and the satisfaction of seeing a project complete and simply, perfect. 

There is no size project or challenge we cannot professionally render for your needs. Small or massive, each customer is important to Designer Bathroom and you will quickly learn we mean that by our outreach and considerate, attentive customer service. If you need a roll-in shower, disabled access assemblies, basin or vanity, or support bars and the like, we know the regulations and requirements, and can build an aesthetically pleasing, safe, useful room meeting whatever requirements exist.  Bring us your ideas, needs, desires and dreams, and we will turn them into a bathroom you love using or going into for relaxation. 

We have been in the Perth region for many years, and are proudly Australian to the core. That means we care about both the people and place, from making sure we work within your budget and completing projects on time with as little inconvenience as possible to being conscious of water use. We know that space arrangement, recycling materials, and all the other things we do in this amazing place to beat the odds, survive, and balance with our delicate but sometimes challenging environment are important, and we pay attention to them all. 

Our teams are experienced in their art form, from the designers who know exactly how to get it to all work, to the project managers who make it happen, and the tradesmen who weave their magic to create beauty with practicality. We know bathrooms – whether you just need taps changed out or a luxury spa created in your home. Call us, and let’s talk about how to get done what you need to create or renovate the bathroom in your home.  It is important to us that is becomes something you love, just as much as we love Australia.

Frequently Asked questions

A lack of proper ventilation in your bathroom increases the likelihood of mildew and mold. You should install a bathroom fan of one CFM (cubic feet per minute) per square foot. Simply tell your contractor that it’s your preference, and you’ll protect your new bathroom from natural fungi.

Please call and speak to our award winning customer service specialists today 6117-5792

Most of our wall mounted sinks can be installed on countertops. As long as the sink is leveled below, then you can use the outer rim to rest on the counter. Call 6117-5792 for a more detailed explanation and availability.

Renovating your bathroom is a less invasive home makeover. You may replace a sink or bathtub, but your changes are modest. Remodeling occurs when you dislike the current bathroom so much that you plan to get rid of virtually everything.

You can complete renovations that don’t involve plumbing, rewiring, or tiling in as little as two days. Even a significant change should take no more than a week.

The length of time for remodeling varies, depending on the number of people on the construction crew and the size of the bathroom. They’ll need to spend a day on demolition, a day on electrical wiring and plumbing, and another day on new insulation and drywall.

Behind-the-scenes changes alone require at least three days, twice that if you do it yourself. A reasonable expectation for the complete overhaul of an average-sized bathroom is two weeks. Expect longer if you prefer bathroom equipment and materials that are not in stock.

Your choice depends on personal preference. There are numerous materials and styles that will suit your needs. Selecting the best one requires you to identify what’s most important. Does the room receive a lot of light? How much foot traffic will the bathroom receive?

Answering these questions will help you decide. Note that glass tile is great for walls and back splashes, while ceramic tile is cheaper and a better solution for damper areas of the house. If money is no object, porcelain is one of the best looking tiles. Finally, stone tile is the best option if you want a neutral appearance.