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Professional Renovation for Bathtubs Perth and Area

Bathroom and bathtub renovations are increasingly popular projects in the Perth region, as the bathroom becomes more of an in-home spa and retreat. There are a wide variety of material and product options for every budget level available, and our professional designers can meet with you to see if a free-standing tub, back-to-wall, or island bath can provide a beautiful enhancement for enjoyment in your home. If you are planning a total bathroom remodel we can help you layout a bath for a separate freestanding bathtub or four-tile flange bath that works well with your footage and décor scheme, and is comfortable for your finances. 

Bathtub technology has come a long way from all basic white and minimum components.  There are now a range of colors, materials, shapes, and configurations to choose from when planning a bathroom renovation.  Our designers will also plan with you for new assemblies that can be wall top, basin mounted, floor, wall or ceiling mounted. This provides flexibility when planning a separate shower area or a four-tile flange arrangement to share water fixtures, mixing taps, and diverters. Basin mounts can be placed on a basin, sink, or bath hob, or combined with shower, basin, sink, or bath outlets. Wall top assemblies are often tied into showerhead or bath outlets. Outlet assemblies often are matched for material, color, and finish throughout the bathroom to create continuity and a beautiful, streamlined look. Whether you are seeking a traditional, more contemporary, or organic look, our talented bathroom designers can create just what you are looking to add.

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Designer Bathroom Can Create Your Spa Bath, Perth

Bathtub renovations have more choices of tub materials than were previously available. Today’s bathtubs are made of steel, usually coated in acrylic or porcelain, acrylic or resin products, or solid surface options. Each has their advantages and some work better with certain configurations than others. Steel can be formed in nearly any shape or configuration, or utility arrangement.  Impact and scratch resistant, steel is durable and long lasting. It lends itself especially well to placements where a flange or lip is helpful when installing with a tiling surround or other features, including those in four-tile flange bath arrangements.

 Acrylic is durable, and retains heat better than other materials for bathtubs.  Acrylic requires slightly more careful maintenance, but is available in colors, is generally lighter when handled, and is a great choice for an economical freestanding tub.  Solid surface bathtubs are a newer engineered composite, with a gel-coated surface. They are durable, tough, and resist staining and bacteria. Their seamless design makes them especially attractive as they are easier to clean, and are available in various colors and patterns.

There is a Bathtub Configuration Perfect For Your New Bath Retreat

In the Perth region, four basic styles or configurations of bathtubs are used when renovating a bath layout, namely freestanding, back-to-wall freestanding, island baths, and four tile flange design. Each one has advantages, differing space requirements, and attributes for finished look and appeal.

Freestanding bathtubs have become increasingly popular because of the luxurious look and feel created when added as an integral part of the bathroom design. Freestanding bathtubs have a way of taking over and becoming the star of the room due to their size and necessary position. In the past a larger bathroom or ensuite was needed to accommodate the spacious size of a freestanding bath, but ones in smaller dimensions are now available, making them an option in many more applications. A place to relax and soak, a freestanding tub is a certain way to create the spa sensation you seek in a home retreat. 

A variation on the freestanding bath is the back-to-wall version. It provides the look, but sits flush to the wall on one long side. It is a wonderful way to gain the luxury of a soaking tub in less space. Another plus is you do not have to figure out how to clean behind the tub after installation, access for which has to be thought about when installing a totally free standing version. 

The most luxurious bath might be an island, where the bathtub sits on a tiled island or dais. It allows a location for a shelf or area for a sitting ledge to be built around the tub, helpful for getting in and out of the tub, or a place to sit children’s toys or décor that adds ambiance to your home spa-retreat.  

 Four tile flange bathtubs are designed when the bath is also used for the shower area. This allows the shower spray and run-off to direct back into the bath.  Helpful in bathroom renovations with more limited space, this configuration often can share assemblies for water outlets, saving additional expense over separate fittings.

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When you want the best in professional, reasonably priced bathtub renovation and design, call Designer Bathroom. We are local in Perth and have many years of experience creating the spa experience you seek in a bathtub and bathroom renovation. Our many years in the industry means we have access to suppliers of top line materials and products. Our tradesmen are experienced, talented, and dedicated to detail and fine finishing, making your renovation a thing of beauty and adding value to your property. Call us or send in the contact form, and we will call you up right away to set up a time to talk about what you are dreaming about, who all your bathtub is used by, and your budget. Our design staff will create a free custom quote for your bathtub Perth project. We look forward to giving you a tub to relax in at a great price.