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Designer Bathroom Does Quality Budget Bathroom Renovations, Perth

Is your bathroom the place in your house you have begun to avoid? The dingy grout you just can’t get clean, darkened, cracked tiles on the step-over to the shower, and dated wallpaper that is just not so pretty any more? Does your shower dribble on you and is corroded full of pits?  

When the taps and tiles start to make your shower look like a camp in the outback, you need to call Designer Bathroom.  With many years experience in Perth and the surrounding area, we have quality design staff, demolition crews, and full tradesmen to get your shower and assemblies replaced and refreshed. We can help you get an outstanding bathroom with a reworked shower within your budget, whether it needs to be economical and really functional, or opulent and over the top.

Shower Heads, Perth, Need to Give You Want You Want – And Save Water

More than most things here in Australia, saving water is important. We all know how precious a resource it is, and we all work to make the best use of it we possibly can. That work includes your showerhead. Modern showers have water restriction devices built in, called flow restrictors, that limit the gallons per minute the showerhead will allow to pass. Shower heads Perth locals know can be a silent waste of water and money if your shower head is out of date, or someone took the restrictor out, because the amount of water used by one person for a 15 minute shower a day equates to 100,000 litres a year of water. Depending on where you live in the area, Water Corporation of WA may swap up to two old showerheads out for you to new, water efficient low flow rate heads, free of charge. If you are looking for something durable, stylish, or to match your tapware throughout your bathroom or ensuite, let us show you some beautiful showerheads that save water and give you an outstanding shower at the same time.  We can install theirs or others equally well for you, saving you the aggravation, time, and money on wasted water.

Designer Bathroom fully supports water conservation, but we also know your shower is your retreat, refreshment, and a necessary thing in Australia for comfort. There are many great options for showerheads that provide everything from rain shower and mist to oscillating intensity, depending on what you like. Shower tapware can be as simple as a shower head Perth knows does the job, or complex with tub fillers, mixing valves, temperature control with anti-scald features, hand-held showers on safety bars with diverters, a shower-tub combination with wall mounted taps, or even full environmental systems that create weather inside your shower.

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Want Your Showers, Perth, to Be Your Retreat? We Can Create One For You

A shower renovation can be as simple as swapping out your visible tapware, or may be much more complicated requiring demolition, new tile board and tile, shower pan replacements, new plumbing and perhaps wiring for special features, and a new door or surround. We can design everything from a freestanding shower being added into a bathroom or ensuite, or a full, luxury, atmosphere creating environmental control shower system complete with steam and seats. The choice is truly yours and what you desire in a new shower. 

Location of the tapware makes a difference and is often dictated by the amount of space you have to work with when we design your new shower retreat. If your space allows, a separate or freestanding shower may utilize wall mounted taps and a showerhead, or combination hand held shower with a showerhead and a diverter. There are some systems designed to drop the showerhead from the ceiling, creating a more rain-like affect preferred by some customers. Other innovations to think about when you want to refresh your shower include built in cubbies or nibs to hold body care products, a shelf to place a razor, mirror, or lower for your foot to allow easier shaving, or even a seat inside the shower for comfort and safety.  If your space is small, shower baths Perth sees many times used to converse space. Sharing tapware and walls, with the bathtub acting as the pan, replacements of shower baths can be done quickly and with minimal mess.

When you want to enjoy using your shower once again, call or contact Designer Bathroom. We serve the entire Perth greater area, follow Australian standards for bathroom remodeling and construction, and come with many years of bathroom design, installation, and renovation experience. We pride ourselves for great client service and fair, reasonable prices. Call us or send in our contact form, and let us remove that ugly tile and dirty grout and create a clean, fresh, beautiful shower you can enjoy.