Ensuite Renovations

Ensuite Renovations Have High Returns for House Valuation

Many smaller or older homes in WA still have a dunny somewhere out back or near the laundry. It was just how it was always done, but is sure can be inconvenient at times. Many homeowners in small to moderate sized homes are increasingly looking for small spaces to turn into an ensuite for added convenience, as well as having a second toilet accessible inside the house. An ensuite or two, or even a powder room added into an existing structure is one of the best returns on investment for home remodeling of smaller houses in Australia. If you are tired of racing to the back, or waiting for the daughter to get her makeup on in the morning in the bathroom, consider adding a convenient, economical ensuite. 

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Ensuite Bathroom Renovations Perth Tips and Tricks

One of the rules of design is that the smaller the room, usually the bigger challenge it is to get it to be arranged correctly, with best use of the space. This means things not getting wet that shouldn’t, having shelves or drawers where you need them, and being able to actually open doors and drawers all the way when you need to get in them. A good bathroom planner Australia trained knows that using professional help to get an ensuite to come together right and not blowing up the budget is the only good choice when you decide to add one. Often, plumbing and electrical have to be added, as well as a stack and flush pipes. This requires expertise well beyond most homeowners, and careful planning has to be done to make sure there is adequate space for comfortable seating on the toilet, that the shower is big enough to easily bathe in, and a basin is arranged to use without making a mess of the floor and surrounding area. Tapware, flooring, wall covers, and lighting all are important factors to making the ensuite utilitarian, attractive, and a pleasure. 


Several things worth considering in an ensuite design are lighting, doors and walls, basin and vanity placement, and smart use of all available space without clutter. Since many ensuites take advantage of a previous closet or other small, often enclosed area, adding adequate lighting is important. Sometimes they are positioned where a skylight, window, or clerestory window can be added over the doorway. Often a skylight or exterior window, notoriously difficult to seal inside a shower wall, just are not practical.  Better yet is adding a clear but opaque door to allow light penetration from outside, sliding or pocket allowing much easier access into the room since no door swing has to be allowed, taking up precious space. 

Shower walls and doors made of clear glass create a more open space, and in some cases, using the entire area as a “wet room” makes the most sense, particularly if the budget allows for sturdy tile or solid surface that can be well sealed and is virtually impervious to water damage. Basins that are wall mounted can provide more floor space, or better, a wall mounted vanity that opens the floor space but has storage for things that may not fit well on the vanity top, saving clutter and possible breakage. Choosing tile that is bigger creates a feeling of larger space, and is easier to maintain with less grout. Mirrors add light reflection and open up the small area.  Taking advantage of every area of dormant space, such as over the toilet or even a high shelf over the mirror and vanity can add space for towels and sundries.

Designer Bathroom Is Expert in Ensuite Perth Bathroom Renovations

Adding an ensuite involves picking out plumbing, tapware, fixtures, vanity and benchtop, tile, color and theme, as well as flooring, lighting, and other features. There are many details that have to be laid out, designed in and around, matched, and ordered. Often the addition of an ensuite involves some demolition, and crews and skip bins needs to be scheduled, as well as arranging for any recycling that needs attended. Our project manager makes certain the trades are scheduled, and each task is walked and marked off complete before the next trade starts. Your final ensuite has many parts that make up a beautiful, handy whole new addition to make your life easier once complete. 

 Call us or send in our contact form if you are considering an ensuite addition. You need a bathroom contractor that has experience in these small, detailed additions that knows how to design and build them to work. We are local, follow all Australian standards, and pride ourselves in clean job sites, keeping our customers in the know, and finishing jobs fast and on time. Let’s get you out of the dunny and into a nice ensuite that makes use of that odd closet that never got opened. You will enjoy the addition that is practical, useful, beautiful and done at a very fair price. Call today, our quotes are detailed and always free of charge.