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When Changing Out a Bathroom Vanity Perth Calls Designer Bathroom

The bathroom vanity is a centerpiece to your newly renovated bathroom. You want it to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. It has to be a workhorse, durable, able to withstand water, messes, spills, and a few dropped items now and then. Planning ahead about placement, height, ease of maintenance, and who will be using the vanity and basin are all-important considerations when planning what will work best for a vanity and basin in the new bathroom and the residents of the home. 

There are situations where a floor-seated vanity just is not the best choice in a bathroom, especially if a powder room or ensuite and space limited. Wall mount vanities, or even wall-mounted basins are a good option to open up floor space.  If considering a more traditional vanity, care needs to be taken to make sure the unit works with the kind of basin you hope to use. Vanity basins generally are self-rimming, and the depth of the benchtop needs to allow for that overhang as well as tapholes and plumbing line access. There are also above counter basins, inset, semi-recessed and under counter, each needing different amounts of depth to accommodate the drain pipes, traps, stopper controls, as well as taphole locations. Making sure water inlets are easy to reach as well as the shut-off valves also is important. Getting professional help from a qualified bathroom designer at Designer Bathrooms can make it much easier and assure there are no last minute problems or rude surprises that require changing plans or ordering all new parts.

Top Line Bathroom Renovations Perth at a Good Price

Renovating a bathroom or ensuite in your home can be a major project that usually involves a decent amount of money. There are so many details that have to go into a renovation, from tapware to tile to a vanity and basin and flooring and so much more. Keeping track of everything, plus setting up the various trades to handle everything from demolition to final finishing work can be daunting to say the least. Bathrooms take experience and attention to detail to make sure the whole project comes together and on budget.  It is not a project for most do-it-yourself homeowners, trying to arrange the contracting, checking licensing, and ordering all the parts to make sure everything is there on time and done correctly. 

Deciding what you want in a new bathroom is generally controlled to some degree by the amount of space you have to work with, and the budget you want to spend. There are a wide variety of bathtub configurations, shower pans and shower doors, vanities, basins, bidets, and cabinets to choose from, and narrowing down the selections can be overwhelming. You first need to know what will fit, and compare that to the cost of the product, supplies, labor, and all the various bits and pieces that are required to finish the job right. Getting some help from a professional designer for a bathroom Perth knows will come together right when complete is always a good idea. Knowing things like the existing plumbing setout and what the bath waste placement and position is often determines what type of fixtures and tapware you can utilize in the design. Style also comes into play, and is one of the true weights against a budget. To get the freestanding bath you want, you may have to forgo a fully freestanding tub and floor mounted taps and change to a wall-backed tub and shared tapware with the shower to save time, space, and expense.

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A Knowledgeable Bathroom Planner, Australia, Saves Time, Money, and Stress

It is hard to make a list of everything that has to go into a bathroom renovation, and very easy to make a mistake – omitting a key item to order, forgetting to get a plumber lined up to pull and reinstall a bidet for the tiler, or simply trying to design it on graph paper and realizing half way through the project that things just will not fit, let alone be easily to access. When you are spending the amount it costs to renovate a bath, you need to make certain that the plans will work, the fittings for the tapware are the right ones, and a jillion other things are correct. It makes good sense to bring on a qualified, experienced bathroom planner that knows how to design a useable bathroom that is also beautiful.

Our bathroom designers are top of the line in both experience and quality of workmanship. Many of our pleased customers ask the design team to come by and see the job once done because they are so happy with the final product. It takes skill and knowledge to design a layout for a bath that takes into consideration plumbing and electrical locations, venting, light, floor coverings that work for your family that are durable and safe, and so many other factors. Designer Bathroom has the best bathroom design group in the entire Perth region, and their services are accurate, cost effective, and aesthetically pleasing. We can work with small spaces, tight budgets, odd configurations, and special requests equally well.

Thinking About Changing or Adding Bathroom Cabinets, Perth?

Because of the nature most Australian houses were built to match, that being, the loo or dunny totally separate from the bathroom, there are a lot of bathrooms that have cabinets that just do not work well or provide enough space. Many times cabinets were sort of an afterthought, or were not really added, just relying on hooks and a nib or other shelf to catch things that did not sit on the basin or stay on the shower floor. It might be your benchtop is so full you knock off something every time you wipe it and the basin.  If your bathroom sounds like this, and you are tired of not having room for towels, sundries and cleaning products to be stored, or could use a drawer for each member of the family’s things, call us and let’s have a look at what we can do to fix the problem. Before every bathroom renovation or ensuite build out we do, one of the things we always talk about with the customer is storage space. If there is a new vanity going in, what will work best? A double door opening cabinet below, or drawers, or both, depending on the basin choice? A wall mounted vanity to provide some storage and hide the pipes but give more floor space? In all the years of doing bathroom design, none of us can ever recall a client telling us, “Nah, we don’t really need them, we don’t use what we have now” when it comes to bathroom cabinets.

 There are good materials available now that stand up well to humidity in a bathroom, providing good looks and durability at the same time. A variety of finishes are available depending on where the cabinets will go in the room, from wood to melamine to vinyl covered, laminate, glass doors, and other surfaces. A good medicine cabinet is also a great addition to any bathroom, not only for storage but the large mirror space and complementary lighting that makes shaving and putting on makeup a breeze.   Let us look at your ideas for a bathroom renovation, and make recommendations about where cabinets and extra storage can be worked in without crowding your elbows or having frustrating doors or drawers that cannot open all the way. We guarantee we can create a design for you that works and gives you extra storage space, adding cabinets where they are practical and out of the way.

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We Can Install a Smart Toilet or Bidet Australia Standards Compliant

Many of our customers are looking at adding a bidet for hygiene and health, or a smart toilet for the convenience and features they possess including their general ability to save both water and electrical.   Smart toilets and some bidets require access to electrical outlets or wiring. Both fixtures have a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as seat and rim configurations to choose from, so the budget and your desires have a lot to do with choices. If you are tired of your bum landing on perpetually cold seats, a heated set might do you a world of good to improve your experiences in the toilet. If extra cleanliness is a concern, consider the automatic open/close lid features on many smart toilets, and the pre-misting feature to help keep the pan clean.  There is even an upgrade smart seat system that fits on your existing unit from Toto called a Washlet. It is far more economical but provides all the main features plus deodorization of having to tear out and install an expensive full smart toilet. We recommend Toto products as they simply flush better and last longer than any other brand sold in Australia. 

Since a bathroom renovation is only second to having your kitchen redone in terms of adding value to your home, having it done correctly and according to rules and regulations is important. You want it to work, look good, be functional, and be according to the industry best practices and standards.  All bidets, toilets, smart toilets, showers and basins and all taps we install, along with plumbing are done to Australian standards. When you get a smart toilet or bidet installed by Designer Bathroom, you will know it was done right, hooked up correctly, and that it was installed to provide long lasting service.


Let Experience Handle Your Budget Bathroom Renovations, Perth

Bathrooms are one of the more expensive renovation projects in any home, even a small powder room or ensuite costing several thousand dollars for a modest refresh and update. It is smart to use a company highly recommended among renovation builders Perth knows do a beautiful job both in design and build-out, all at a fair, reasonable price. Designer Bathroom has been a locally owned business for many years, and we call Perth home. We are happy to meet with you and provide a free, detailed quote for the design and renovation of your bathroom, from tear out of the old to sweeping up and scrubbing floors on the new. Call us or send in the contact form, and we will get right with you to set up a convenient time to chat. You will find our customer service, attention to detail, knowledge and fair pricing a great savings in time, stress, and cost.

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